Now Social Science Used To Predict UFO Phenomena

Now NASA, once disinclined to take the challenge critically, convened an independent observation group to create a map for the future examination of sightings. The group’s very last document, which includes this avenue map, notes there is no evidence pointing to extraterrestrials. However, the questions requested by NASA officers at their current press conference confirmed that extraterrestrial beings and cover-ups continue to be firmly in the minds of many observers.

However, for all their wrangling, advocates for and against the serious research of UAP share something in common: all of them focus on the query of whether the phenomenon is something that exists in nature, whether or not worldly or other-worldly.

We don’t conclusively understand if UAP bodily exists past the mundane, however, we do know this: UFOs are social facts. Debate about them is remodeling our politics and tradition with outcomes that can be largely disregarded.

UAP The All New Pentagon Research Website

Flying Saucer Illuminated In White Light . Observed by several men from 1940

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