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UFO News: Alien Abduction and Bi-location

Most UFO investigators tend to dismiss the claims of the ‘contactees’ who came to prominence in the 1950s and 60s. ln those days, the idea that UFOs might have pilots wishing to interact directly with humans was new, and not a little outrageous to contemporary researchers.

The information they conveyed was also deeply suspect, consisting mainly of warnings to curtail our irresponsible development of nuclear weapons, which was hurting the balance of the Universe, and jeopardizing the safety of a number of alien races.

Human Alien Bio-Location

The aliens themselves entirely human-looking in every respect usually claimed to have come from various planets within our own Solar System. This claim was shown to be ludicrous in the light of subsequent unmanned ed exploration of those planets, all of which are totally unsuitable for the development of humanoid life.

As we learned more and more of the deeply unpleasant conditions on our nearest planetary neighbors, the ufonauts gradually claimed more distant origins: mysterious worlds with names like Baavi, Zombic orbiting unreachable stars.

These beings were dismissed as figments of the imagination by investigators. And their messages of universal peace, Love, and brotherhood were extremely distasteful to those anxious to discover a hard scientific explanation for what was doubtless a genuine mystery. New Video On The Virtual Reality Of Alien UFO Abduction

And yet the field of ufology is an immensely complex one, whose individual elements resonate powerfully. So subtly echoing down through the decades, altering their surface details while leaving their essence intact. Additional details are frequently added to the core scenario, integrating them into a modified whole.

Take, for example, the case of Judy Doraty. Judy’s frightening encounter took place while she was driving in her car near Houston, Texas, in May 1973. Four members of her family were also present; all five people saw a bright light in the sky.

The light seemed to be following them. Judy pulled over to the side of the road, got out, and walked to the back of the car to get a better view of it. She was unable to recall what happened next. However when she underwent hypnotic regression with psychologist Dr Leo Sprinkle in March 1980, disturbing memories surfaced.

Judy had what is known as a bilocation experience. In which, as the name suggests, means that the percipient seems to be in two different locations at the same time. Judy reported standing beside her car, and simultaneously standing inside the UFO that had been pacing them.

The occupants of the craft were in the process of mutilating a calf that they had captured, drawing it up through a beam of yellow light. The light seemed to be filled with strange swirling particles. Furthermore Judy had the impression that it would feel solid, if touched.

In addition to the beings themselves who were very similar in appearance to the Greys. Now in that they were short and spindly, with pale, sickly-looking skin, large heads and vestigial noses, and mouths. Next their eyes, however, were different from the jet-ink-black, featureless orbs commonly associated with this species. Discovered they had yellow irises and vertical cat-like pupils.

Furthermore Judy’s horror was increased immeasurably when she saw that her daughter was also aboard the craft. And she was being examined by the beings. Equally important however, they assured her ( communicating through telepathy) that neither of them would be harmed. Adding that they had not intended to bring her into the craft; her bilocation had somehow been spontaneous. Source Isaac Koi & Grant Camron

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