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The Military created a brand new website for the Pentagon’s UFO office. Until now you would have had to search through the New York Times UFO UAP archive files to observe the Navies declassified videos. Although the authorities are now calling UFO as UAP unidentified aerial phenomena.

This past week, the D.O.D. introduced the launch of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) homepage. Moreover this website will no longer just have all eight of the Pentagon’s declassified UAP films. In addition there is a place for government and military employees to record their own brushes with ordinary objects inside the sky.

“This website will offer records, including snapshots and videos, on resolved UAP instances. But only as they’re declassified and authorized for public release,” a DOD press launch reads.

All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office logo

The UAP data furnished is as sparse as one might expect from a website with a “.mil” address. In one especially unsettling video, which was shot by way of a Naval pilot in 2021 and declassified in 2022. An odd spherical item zooms past the camera at an apparently impossible speed. Still, the report on the AARO web page simply reads that it “demonstrates the typical velocity at which navy aircraft may also technique an unknown item.”

Along with the AARO website online performing as a UAP video and information hub. It’s supposed creation is for government employees to post their own sightings to the Pentagon. This moving forward will possibly assist in simplifying the UAP reporting procedure. In spite of the previously required official documentation at more than one level up the chain of command and basically appeared frustrating.

Of course, there’s one caveat so large that it is nearly invisible. All of the Pentagon’s UAP intelligence and documentation comes from military or government personnel. This will mean that anyone who has had a credible sighting outside the government isn’t under the AARO’s purview. Source pentagon-internet site-declassified-alien craft-videos The problem I see with this new Pentagon’s website is that they will control the UAP narrative. All civilian sightings reports will not be processed or reviewed by AARO and public knowledge will be curtailed. This is not Public UFO Disclosure in any shape or form. A total Sham once again perpetrated by the Government we the people hire to govern.

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