UFO The First Amazing Massive 1952 Washington DC Flap

The 1952 Washington DC UFO Flap. The hour of this UFO event was 11:40 pm during the month and year of July nineteenth, 1952. Reported by Edward Nugent, an air traffic regulator then the Washington National Airport. The report expresses that he located seven unknown objects on his radar. These objects were 15 miles SSW of Washington DC. no air traffic was nearby. And these UFOs were not following any required flight patterns.

Nugent’s boss, Harry Barnes, a senior air-traffic regulator at the air terminal, watched the targets on Nugent’s radarscope. He later reported and said. “We knew an extremely unusual circumstance existed their movements were revolutionary contrasted with those of any airplane”.

Barnes had two other operators look at Nugent’s radar scopes. They observed that it was working normally. Harry Barnes then made a call to the National Airports radars control tower. An operator there, Howard Cocklin and Joe Zacko said that they likewise had unidentified blips on their radar. Furthermore they saw a floating “brilliant light” overhead and left with great speed. Cocklin asked Zacko, “Did you see that? What on earth was that?.”

At this particular moment, different unknown objects appeared in all areas of the radarscope. When the objects moved over the White House and the United States Capitol, Barnes called Andrews Air Force Base. The base was 10 miles from the National Airport. Even though Andrews revealed that they had no unusual objects on their radar.

A pilot before long called base control to report the sighting of a peculiar UAP. The Pilot William Brady, who was in the tower then, saw an “object which had all the earmarks of resembling an orange ball of fire. This object wasn’t anything I had witnessed before. As Brady attempted to caution the other workforce in the tower, the weird thing took off at a fantastic speed. Source wikipedia 1952 washington DC UFO Incident

The following NewsReel Video of 1952 Reported the Washington DC UFO Flap of the time. Strangely enough 70 years later we are still begging for the answer as to what are these UFO UAP sightings.

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