UFO The Strange Cube Was Seen High Over Arizona

UFO News: In a weird scene, a strange 3D cube with multitude of lights and what resembles an opening were sighted overhead during a massive storm overhead of Phoenix, Arizona.

What’s more is there a possible connection between the sightings of UFOs and Orbs of light with startling weather conditions in numerous areas of the world?

Many UFO Sightings has occurred during Thunder Storms is there a connection?

Now in this video, we see a weird box shape of light dangling from the mists overhead of Phoenix. This light has the presence of a multitude of secretive light balls orbiting overhead.
The time was 7:00 PM. a late spring rainstorm mists shaping overhead.

Over Cheboygan, Michigan rectangular flying craft was overhead. It was maneuvering in an orderly sluggish fashion. And it was bright white after it went through the tree. The object then ascended straight up into the sky very high altitude. More On The Odd Surge Of UFO & Weather Video Here

Finally in Rochester, Minnesota U.S two objects were sighted, by all accounts, to be communicating in the air. See Video Strange cube of light appears in Arizona

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