New Noteworthy Research on the 1950 McMinnville UFO Photo

Paul Trent’s Flying Saucer photographs from Sheridan Oregon on 11 May 1950. This event is commonly known as the McMinnville UFO Photo from the larger town of McMinnville 9 plus miles North East of Sheridan. This is where some of the Trent’s interviews took place. Equally important It is interesting how local Oregon news outlets covered this story, especially in the run-up to the Roswell festival. Furthermore noticing that the News outlets didn’t share the factual details that lend support to the skeptical viewpoint. Believing that the photographs were models suspended by thread from one of the powerlines and taken around 10:00 AM in the morning as opposed to 7:30 PM as claimed by the Trents.

May 1950 McMinnville Flying Saucer UFO  orginal Photo

The UFO photographs helped motivate continued public interest in the UFO phenomenon. All of which effectively compensated for the aggressive suppression of the Roswell incident three years earlier. The Paul Trent UFO pics have additionally advanced a few human cognizance of various analysis strategies. Others are engaged in a form of sideline cheerleading and that too is a contributory position in UFO Disclosure. The Mcminnville Unidentified Flying Object snap shots, had been taken with the aid of a farming couple, Paul and Evelyn Trent near Mcminnville, Oregon, U.S.A on May 11, 1950.

The images had been reprinted in Life Magazine and in Newspapers throughout the state, and are frequently taken into consideration to be the most well-known pictures ever taken of a flying saucer. Alien craft skeptics recollect these pics are a hoax. Although many ufologists continue to argue that the photos honestly depict a genuine three dimensional UFO inside the sky. Even though those pics have come to be referred to as the “McMinnville flying saucers images”, the Trent farm is virtually just outside Sheridan, Oregon, approximately 9 miles (15 km) Southwest of McMinnville, which changed into the nearest large town.

In keeping with Astronomer William K. Hartmann’s account. On May 11th 1950 at 7:30 PM, Evelyn Trent returned on foot to her farmhouse after feeding her caged rabbits. Before arriving to the house, she noticed a Gradual-Shifting, Steel Disk-Fashioned Object heading in her course from the Northeast. She yelled for her husband, Paul, who was inside the residence. Paul claimed that upon leaving the house, he additionally saw the object. After looking at the object for a short time, he went back inside his house to acquire a camera. He said he returned outside to take snap shots of the UFO than it sped away to the West.

Paul Trent’s father also claimed he too viewed the UFO before it flew away. Hartmann’s version of the incident goes back to an interview the Trents gave to Lou Gillette. Lou hosted the radio station KMCM (later KLYC), and quoted the Oregonian newspaper on 10 June 1950. However, the Trents had given a unique version of the incident to the nearby McMinnville newspaper, two days in advance on 8th of June 1950. In that version of there story, Evelyn Trent stated “we were out within the lower back yard. Noteworthy Research on the 1950 McMinnville UFO Photographs and Video

Each person noticed the UFO on equal time. The Kodak camera Paul thought his camera was in the car however it was in the house. He stated he was right and the Kodak camera was loaded with film. NYUFO Seeking UFO Disclosure of alleged classified UFO information and the existence of Alien races interacting with humans animals plants of planet earth.

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