More On The Odd Surge Of UFO & Weather Video

UFO News Now: More UFO News On The Odd Surge Of UFO & Weather. If this Mexican Sighting and video can be excepted as real? Then it is one of the most clearest series of UFO photos we have seen in a long time.

In keeping with numerous sources, a spherical, disk-shaped object was sighted over Mexico after a storm before vanishing into space. The UFO sighting was photographed in a chain of pictures, one in all which indicates a disc-looking object estimated to be 50ft in diameter.

The UFO was seen emerging from the storm clouds. The pictures had been initially shared by the witness Juan Manuel Sanchez. Juan is a vehicle mechanic who claims to have taken the images near his house. After sharing the photos on FB, they went viral in Mexico and have been even featured on national information television.

The clear and detailed images as rare as they are have sparked hypothesis and discussion. Despite the attention the photos have received skeptics have raised questions about their authenticity. However, Juan M. Sanchez has denied any claims that the photographs are a hoax. Link To The UFO Vanishes into Space After Storm here

Equally important there have been numerous remarkable UFOs reported during and after lightning storms. Some researchers believe that this occurrence of sightings during and after storms is a way to power-up the propulsion system for UFOs. Here we have a short video showing unidentified flying objects during and after storms.

In Holyoke, Massachusetts, two objects were seen circumnavigating the night sky, illuminating brilliant lights. A Majestic electric storm in Mexico and the largest swarm of UFOs in Turkey. A mill operator in Lake Canada, another observer recounts a fascinating sight of UFO/UAP. Over California, an unidentified flying craft was sighted, flying in the night sky while noticing the sky with binoculars.

Mexico saw a major thunderstorm that illuminated the night sky. A rainstorm hit Bursa, northwestern Turkey, which flooded vehicles in the areas that were generally seriously impacted. The impacted area was a portion of Mudanya. Turkey has additionally seen the rise of the largest armada of strange flying UFOs that showed up and vanished in the clouds. Japan likewise encountered a brutal influx of terrible climate. Link To Strange New Rare Bizarre Weather Video here

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