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UFO Classified podcast with Erica Lukes delves deep into not only the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon but the politics, disinformation, and history of the subject. Erica Lukes also has an undying passion for the mysteries of the universe, especially alien craft reviews and different peculiar aerial phenomena. Her view as a child, she was occupied with imagery of how vehicles and alien beings from outer space may appear. And further she pursued this obsession quietly however with willpower.

On the account of her already mounted skills with singing and some voice-over work, she was once approached to carry out media broadcasting work. This, coupled together with her long-term interest in peculiar phenomena of nature. All leading her to take her first steps into radio in 2014. In addition developing her personal programming and interview strategies of acknowledged figures on this topic.

Unidentified Flying Object review reports have become her specialty and she joined the MUFON in 2014 as a field investigator. She ultimately have become its State Director for Utah. Within MUFON she also have become an associate producer for the MUFON Communications crew. Furthermore she was part of the MUFON Experiencer studies team. Still yet having been mentioned for recognition of this work at each the 2014 and 2015 MUFON Symposia.

UFO Classified with Erica Lukes podcast talking UFO Alien phenomena

Together with her proximity in the state of Utah, Erica has had a persistent interest in the Skinwalker Ranch. The ranch being a place of documented paranormal interest. Further more she has assembled numerous years of case reports of flying saucer sightings, alien abduction cases. Equally important from her years of field studies in and around the ranch of animal mutilations. New Video On The Virtual Reality Of Alien Abduction

In recent years, and with the records she has gathered, she has chosen to specialize in archiving of the Unidentified Flying Objects topic. What’s more locating rare and out-of-print books, periodicals, audio, and video recordings so as to create a library for researchers inside the western US. She has currently visited area universities to take a look at their holdings of early flying saucers. Researchers and “phenomenologists” like the ones of Dr. Frank Salisbury of the Department of Plant technology at Utah state college. Salisbury contributed important work on Unidentified Flying Objects in Utah with the help of “Junior” Hicks, a well-known investigator. Now Explore Erica Lukes UFO Paranormal Podcast Here

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