UFO A New Exposed Tony Topping Video Interview

Veteran unidentified flying object researcher and Close Encounter Experiencer Tony Topping wrote an astounding biography “i Alien’” that is his adventure of close encounters. He shares his very own bizarre flying saucer diaries, portraying a deep involvement in a complex secret operation among human beings and extraterrestrial visitors. Creator, broadcaster, and alien ship experiencer, Tony joins Patrick Christy to discuss his experience of unexplained aerial phenomena.

Next be a part of Tony Topping adventure of close encounters and find the mysteries of his forty plus year involvement with the unidentified flying object phenomena. From a survivor of abuse to a key player in the SCOVS intelligence operation among intelligence operatives and alien beings. Tony’s rare UFO diaries are exposed through his private testimony and artistic illustrations.

A Recent Photo Of  UK UFO Researcher Tony Topping

A very exciting and fascinating read. “They never come that close in all the years I’ve filmed them.” Tony Topping comments on a recent UFO sighting that is possibly deeper than it appears. The 48-year-veteran researcher who recently lost his mother was feeling very low as a result of bereavement. The craft came very near about 30 meters away from him simply above the rooftops at a high velocity. The interactions seem to suggest a communication with Tony and has carried out so for a long time.

Tony says “it’s far interesting to observe the continual behavior of them which suggests they’re intelligently controlled. The extent of activity around the United Kingdom military aircraft suggests that might also be an attempt at communication. Some of the UFOs I have on video are likely from other universe’s. I’m looking to get to the bottom of it.” UFOs over Tony’s home are a not a unusual occasion. A craft appeared over his house some years ago. See The Video Up Close and Personal with UFOs Tony Topping | United Kingdom Expedition Here

Tony’s group said the alien craft was once so fast that a slow playback was not able to capture it. Of concern to Tony is that those inside the United Kingdom who seem to know who is operating the UFOs are monitored through Dr. Strangelove-type personal. Unmarked helicopters and mysterious telephone calls including a mysterious call from a man claiming to be a German Defense official cause a darkly comical circus akin to the comedy film.

Equally important the UFOs that Tony terms his “flying circus” are active over the skies above him, in the days ahead his camera shall not deceive. On the subject of contacting Alien beings if you wish to you will get what you wish for. Tony Topping interaction with the alien craft phenomena remains dynamic, unorthodox information adding to any media venture, going deep right into a secret and mysterious phenomena that differs from what you may read on line.

I talk at conferences throughout the UK. over the years I have amassed quite a understanding regarding UFOs, Alien Encounters & Psychic Spying. I’ve appeared on UK ITV This Morning, The One Show, Channel Four, Channel Five, BBC 2, Sky Arts, Sony Pictures, BBC, and lots of radio shows from ILR to BBC. I’m a member of the NUJ which is unique. I write for the Australian Paranormal magazine Oddities.

My flying saucer encounters directed me on a collision direction with a secret covert pursuits who monitored my interactions with UFOs which raises serious moral and ethical concerns because a few UFO researchers are targeted. Nowadays my experiences have advanced and so has my picture of what the alien craft phenomena concerns. I am one of the few researchers in the UK who has photograph analysis performed on what I’ve filmed.

My records are constantly sourced thru unorthodox means that get outcomes. I’m additionally very informed on the psychic hostilities operations of the Cold War which additionally at some point collides with the UFO phenomena. And all of it provides to make captivating material. The comical entourage of fantasists who declare to work for secret businesses are never far far from drawing near me. The mysterious phone call from a person from German military questioning me. And further to being mistaken for a porn actor on my first television gig.

Besides being driven to the wrong studio were a certain hilarious caper to it all. MI5 arrested a person who seemed like a duck alien in a eatery in Birmingham and instructed me in hushed tones (old boy) does make me wonder over the years what I have stumbled into. Followed and harassed by a very real Dr. Strangelove character whose activities would be comical if the scenario was not as serious, all on account of the mysterious appearance of UFOs. Now On The Surge Of Mind Games UFOs Play With Us Watch Video Here

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