Today On The Unusual Brazilian 1958 UFO Photo

This mysterious UFO Photo and ufo sighting took place over Trindade Island in Brazil, way back in 1958. The extraordinary occasion was witnessed and photographed by group individuals from the Brazilian ship Almirante Saldanha. All of which were to be participating in projects of the International Geophysical.

On January 16, 1958, at about noon, Captain José Teobaldo Viegas and several scientists have been on deck. This is when they all at once noticed a flying UFO with a hoop around it, much like Saturn. The witnesses reported the alien craft at the identical time, as it got closer to the Island from the east. In addition the craft flew toward the Pico Desejado, made a steep turn, and sped went away to the northwest.

Trindade Island Brazil 1958 Orginal UFO Photo .

Almiro Baraúna, the submarine photographer, was sought for pictures and managed to take numerous photographs of the object. After the photos were exhaustively analyzed by means of the Brazilian Navy’s Aerial Reconnaissance Laboratory, all of the pictures have been considered proper and taken from a real event with the certification of military employees.

And Juscelino Kubitschek, the president of Brazil at that time, confirmed the authenticity of the snapshots. To this day, on account of the certification of the witnesses and the legitimate reputation, the item in Almiro Baraúna’s pictures stays unexplained. Noteworthy Research of the 1950 McMinnville UFO Photo & Video Visit The Home Of New York UFO

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