The Roswell UFO Incident Now On Greatest Hidden Secret

The Roswell UFO Incident Now On Greatest Hidden Secret Continues: First on July 1994, the office of the Secretary of the air force concluded an exhaustive search for records in response to the general accounting office (gao) inquiry into an event popularly referred to as the “Roswell UFO incident.”. The focus of the Gao probe, initiated on the request of a member of congress, to decide if the u. S. Air Force, or some other American Authorities corporation, possessed statistics on the alleged crash and recovery of an extraterrestrial craft and its alien occupants near Roswell, n. M. In July 1947.

In 1994 Air Force report concluded that the predecessor to the U. S. Air Force, the u. S. Army air force recovered debris from an army air forces “Balloon-borne studies” assignment code-named Mogul. This alleged Information obtained describing research carried out within the multi-millionaire dollar project mogul. Furthermore most of which had not been classified and publicly available ( Of Course ) had been accrued, provided to Gao, and published in a single volume for ease of access for most people.

Finally the conclusions were that the air force activities which occurred over a length of many years was consolidated. In addition at the moment are represented to have occurred within 2 or 3 days in July 1947.

And then the alleged aliens found within the New Mexico barren region had been “anthropomorphic test dummies”??. All of which were carried aloft via US Air Force pressure high altitude balloons for scientific research.

Roswell USAF UFO Anthropomorphic Test Dummies photo
anthropomorphic test dummies

Besides the rare military activities in the New Mexico desert were alleged high altitude research “Balloon” release and recovery operations. Reports of military personnel that constantly appeared shortly after the crash of a UFO to retrieve the craft. And the “aliens” had been the supposed descriptions of air force personnel engaged in anthropomorphic dummy retrieval operations. UFOs MJ-12 & The Government Fund UFO Research Report

What’s more on this final Official Roswell UFO incident report which is based on thoroughly documented research supported by official records. In addition to technical reports, film footage, photographs, and interviews with individuals who were involved in these events. And finally alot of deception. NYUFO Is Seeking The Truth About UFO UAP Alien Disclosure.

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