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With the newly Merged Podcast with host Ryan Graves, we have an overall inspection of the groundbreaking Galileo venture. She is presently studying UAP (UFOs), Through the eyes of researcher Abby White Abby tells how she integrated the Galileo venture, her expertise in operating it. Also the tools used to observe UAPs (UFOs). She explains her insight on breaking the stigma across the subject. Furthermore, why validated clinical studies matter if you want to move forward on the topic of UAP UFOs? She additionally says what it has been like to explain what she does to others, and what her peers reflect on the topic.

The Merged Podcast with host Ryan Graves

The goal of the Galileo Project is to look for extraterrestrial technological signatures of extraterrestrial technological civilizations (ETCS). In addition to observations of objects in Near Earth’s Atmosphere by systematic scientific AI algorithms. These algorithms are trained on the rigorous classification of known objects. Galileo is complementary to standard SETI, in that it searches for physical objects, and no longer electromagnetic indicators, related to extraterrestrial technological anomalies. Within this overarching intention, the Galileo undertaking has described two particular goals, correlating to our associated regions of examination:

“To understand the origins of interstellar objects “ISOs” that exhibit characteristics that differ from typical asteroids and comets”. The surprise observation of “Oumuamua” is a starting place for unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Making observations of objects in and close to earth’s atmosphere, filtering out identifiable items through the use of AI. Gives us a deep gaining knowledge of algorithms trained on the rigorous classification of acknowledged objects. In turn we then analyze the nature of the closing statistics for anomalous characteristics. To recognize the origins of interstellar objects (isos) that exhibit traits that vary from ordinary asteroids and comets, like “Oumuamua”. We use characterization projects related to astronomical and atmospheric surveys as well as space-based observations.

No matter the possibility that the Galileo undertaking may find out additional, or even exquisite evidence for ETCS. At a minimum, the Galileo venture will accumulate wealthy data sets that may foster the discovery of better scientific factors for novel interstellar objects with anomalous properties. Furthering our understanding of atmospheric phenomena, and our ability to explain terrestrial technology that has caused the presently inexplicable UAP sightings.

The Galileo Project lead professor Avi Loeb announced the additions of Mr. Luis Elizondo and Mr. Christopher Mellon to the venture team as research affiliates. Noting their depth of revel in investigating the challenge of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), and their shared interests in the open and transparent study of the phenomena. Loeb welcomed them as the latest members of a diverse and growing Galileo Project Team”.

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