Rare UFO Abductee recalls her experience on video

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UFO News: A fully conscious UFO Abductee recalls her experience on the night of January night 1973. Dolly Safran was at the time only fourteen years old and lived close to the Everglades in Florida. Having looked through her window she notice with amazement an excess of fifty star-like objects amassing above. Then these objects began to maneuver this way and that, and one of these objects dropped down and drifted at treetop level behind her home.

The craft presently uncovered itself to be metallic with windows. Also, through the openings, Dolly was stunned to see two short grey beings with enormous black eyes with enormous large heads.  She understood, them to be aliens and they were checking her out! She went to hide under her bed. When at which her room was enveloped in a luminous splendid blue light.

The following thing Dolly knew, hours had passed and morning had arrived. Dolly had ended up on the floor of her room, wearing another person’s nightgown, which was on back to front and in reverse. She had been taken, she understood. It had reoccurred.

All through her young life, something like this had happened a few times. Be that as it may, this time, she made plans to recollect her experience. Also, when the radio came on and expressed that there had been different observers, Dolly got the affirmation she wanted and needed. She wasn’t insane. She truly was seeing something strange.

She plunked down in the washroom and started to think, ponder, and center. And at the same time, the block of amnesia began to disintegrate and recollections of being taken inside craft memory of the event overflowed into her brain. Open Link To View The Interview Fully Conscious UFO Alien Abductee Part One 

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