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“Following is the data findings from the Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE UFO Experiencer Research Study, a 5-year academic research study. This survey was developed and supervised by a team of 15 Ph.D. academics and non-academic UFO contact researchers. Furthermore all of the 4,400 UFO Contact Experiencers who took our surveys from over 125 countries had two requisites to take our 3 surveys. One they had to have physically seen a UFO. Two they had to have had some kind of contact experiences with a perceived” “NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE”. A Study On Reported Contact With Non-Human Intelligence Associated With UFO UAPs.

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” First type of physical being seen by the 4,400 UFO Contact Experiencers can be described as the “ENERGY BEING, seen by 55% of these survey participants. A type of Energy Beings were described as large radiating energy. Many described a portal that opened up in their living rooms and this large Energy Being appeared to them, And communicated telepathically with them. Almost one thousand described seeing diverse types of “Orbs”, round energy objects”.

“Some of these orbs appeared the size of a living room while some appeared as small as a penny. Energy Beings were described in many different shapes and colors and some were translucent. Edgar personally saw an Energy Being in his living room which was shaped like a rectangle, translucent. In addition this being had multiple colors radiating in pure energy. Some of the described Energy Beings had in the background a human-looking being with radiating energy all around it. There were literally hundreds of different descriptions of Energy Beings”.

” Second type of physical being is seen as the “HUMAN-LOOKING BEING”. These Human-Looking Beings, were extremely diverse, just like the Energy Beings. Some were described as more than 15 feet tall while others barely reached 2 feet tall. My wife used to play with small Human-Looking Beings from the age of 3 to almost 10 years old. Hundreds of our experiencers described “playing” with a diverse array of beings. While they were young the majority were either human-looking small beings or Small Greys”. In addition most of this “playing” occurred in their own homes, usually their bedrooms.

“Human-Looking Beings were described as having white and black hair, and brown hair. Some had African kinky hair, curly hair, or very straight hair. Next while some had long hair, some had very short hair, and some had no hair at all. Facial skin colors of these Human-Looking Beings varied. They were from very white, to various human skin colors. What’s more from different arrays of Caucasian skin color to brown skin to even dark skin colors like those in central Africa. There eyes were described as Caucasian looking to even Asian looking eyes, to abnormally large eyes, to ones having small eyes. Lastly some wore blue skin-tight clothing while others had different kinds of uniforms.”

“A vast majority, however, were described as wearing white robes, either Roman-looking or middle eastern loose clothing like those used by Christ. My friend Alberto, a retired US Federal DEA Agent, an intelligence officer who helped to capture drug dealing Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, has seen mostly human-looking beings but has seen only one Small Grey. Equally important these human-looking beings were described in numerous physical appearances.” Link To Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation Survey Documents (Experiencer .Org) For Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

“For example, Alberto described that a physical human appeared in his living room while he was watching TV that appeared as a very fat Asian-looking man dressed in an Ancient Chinese outfit who told Alberto that he was his adopted son in a past life. Alberto was told his name and his name from a past life. He was also told to go to a library and look for these two names for the years 600 BC in China. Later he and his wife, a Ph.D. psychologist found a very large and heavy ancient sword in their living room. Both showed me Polaroid pictures of the sword. The sword disappeared later that night.”

“This is just one of the hundreds of similar experiences of thousands of different “Human Looking” beings described in our survey”.

# 3 ranked type of physical being seen by the 4,400 UFO Contact Experiencers in our surveys seen by 51% of survey respondents, was the “SMALL “GREYS”. “Out of the 1,350 individuals that described experiences with Small Greys, just like the Energy Beings and the Human Looking beings, the Small Greys came in all different shapes, colors, and wore hundreds of different uniforms or appeared naked. Some of the Small Greys appeared in different skin colors (white, translucent, green, blue, and even orange)”.

“Some had oblong eyes, some had wrap-around eyes, some had small eyes, and some had very large eyes. Some had 3 fingers, others had 4 fingers. More note able is Small Greys also were described wearing more than 100 different types of uniforms but the majority had no uniform, appearing naked to the experience. In summary, these experiencers described hundreds of different types of Small Greys”. NYUFO is Seeking UFO UAP Alien Disclosure. We Seek Public Disclosure of Alleged Government Military Classified Information.

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