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Witness reports a Boomerang Shape UFO Evaporated in front of me

Had this UFO Sighting for less than 10 seconds while walking home from the store. UFO was a Large Boomerang shape, clearly defined and illuminated. UFO didn't look like it was moving and it quickly appeared to evaporate while going under cloud cover. This UFO was in an opposite direction of the moo…

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UFO News Multiple Swarm Like UFOs Reported Utah

My wife's friend posted on his social media that he was witnessing an unexplainable phenomenon in the sky above his house in the sandy/ draper area starting at about 11 pm my wife and I live in South Salt Lake. We decided to drive down to Sandy/Draper to see if we could observe it. We drove south on…

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Silver Gold reflective Daytime UFO Sighting caught on video Utah 8/13/16

UFO Sightings reported from Hurricane Utah on 8/13/16:

I was driving west on 1150 towards Lynn's market.. I noticed a UFO about half way up the street. It sparkled a bit was low in the sky.. No sound I could hear.. No movement.. It stayed there until I came to the stop at state rt 9.. So I grabbe…

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Triangle shaped UFO spotted for the second time 6/12/16 Utah

I posted on here before about when my friend and I were at my pool and saw a UFO circle us 3 times, and last night I was with my sister who is a skeptic, it was around 11 pm and we were having a late night swim. She was swimming laps and I was floating on my back looking at the stars, there are a lo…

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