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Armada of Glowing Orb UFOs reported over New Mexico

My boyfriend and I had just finished eating dinner outside, we were sitting in front of a small fire in this little fire pit he had built a few days before. I was leaning back in my chair watching the sky as I often do. It was a clear night, a little bit chilly. I saw what looked like stars, but muc…

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Several UFOs flying around shining lights into my house

At the time of my submitting this UFO Sighting encounter, I am terrified. I never in my life thought I would actually see or hear anything that would cause me to believe in the existence of UFOs, but I don't know what else could be happening. For about a week now, every single night, as soon as i…

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Alien Sirens Came Calling

Here is an interesting tale of celebrity astrologer in Australia during the 1930s and 1940s, who took up a deep interest in flying saucers, was a hostess, of sorts, to George Adamski's visit to Australia, allegedly was involved in multiple witness psychic predictions of UFO Sighting appearance…

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UFOs AND SPIRITUALITY: Seven Strange Case Video

UFOs are not just a nuts and bolts phenomenon. There is also a strong spiritual aspect to extraterrestrial Alien encounters. In fact, a wide variety of paranormal events surround UFOs. A close encounter often has a huge impact on a person, challenging them on multiple levels, physically, mentally, e…

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Estimating Flight Characteristics of UFO Sightings

UFO NEWS TODAY Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) partially identified as being unknown anomalous aircraft, referred to as Unidentified Anomalous Vehicles (UAVs) or Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), have been observed globally for some time [1]. Such phenomena were studied officially by the Unit…

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UFOs Glowing Balls of Light Reported

I was returning home after going to doctors appointment pulled into parking lot I notice 12 UFOs drop down about of some clouds. These UFOs shot beams of lights out of the undersides at the ground. I have seen beams light coming out the clouds but this was that I had the source for them. When I went…

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