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UFO Sighting Reported Gray Sphere Video NM

A round UFO Sighting was caught heading northbound along interstate 25 near the 2nd Belen exit in New Mexico at 8:47 am. The UFO Sighting appeared to be round and flying in a straight path. The speed was too fast to be an air balloon/weather balloon. There were no blades, no wings, or strings attac…

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Bizarre Black Hovering UFO Sighting Video Golden CO

My kids and I witnessed a UFO Sighting emerge from the clouds above our house. My first thought was a paraglider, which we have many in the area or even a parachute but no. This UFO Sighting was something otherworldly. I have pictures and videos which show something was there but it's not very clea…

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UFO Sightings Raise National Security Concerns

Full segment of FOX NEWS Panelist Discussion. A serious tone is given to the topic, and all the panelists agree that the mystery of UFO UAP Sightings is now at a stage where cause for concern is manifesting. This really represents an incredible moment in time, in not only the way the mainstream news…

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UFO Sighting Unknown Bright Object Caught on video

I came out on my back porch while washing clothes. I went to light my cigarette and when I pulled up my lighter I noticed a bright light almost like a street light but way up in the air. I grabbed my phone and started recording. When I watched it back I was shocked when I zoomed in. I can't explain …

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UFO Sightings Encounters & Pentagon UFO Secrets video

Governments around the world are disclosing secret files related to UFOs & UFO Sightings. The Pentagon recently released a press communique confirming that the videos from the pilots circulating on the internet are real. The information is released in small amounts (drop by drop), but we are still w…

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UFO Sighting Video Nine Orange UFOs Near Nuclear Plant Florida

Nine Orb like UFOs which arose from the horizon and flew towards the Nuclear Power Plant and then went dark as they approached.   Click Here to view Yankeetown Fl. UFO Sighting Video   mufon cms# 115361 Yankeetown Florida 5/08/21 

Blue Flying Saucer UFO

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UFO Sighting Doral Florida

We want to report that we have evidence of what we consider can qualify as UFO Sighting captured by our doorbell video camera. This happened on July 7 (basically last week). We have a video sequence of a flying object with extremely fast movements on almost the same point from midnight until 7 a.m. …

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The Petrozavodsk UFO Phenomenon of 1977

UFO News Today: The "Petrozavodsk Phenomenon", is one of the most interesting Mass UFO sightings among Ufologists. Eighty five UFOs of different shapes and colors were reportedly seen and photographed on September 20th 1977 in the Soviet Union, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, and Estonia. The UFOs  ca…

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Children Targeted UFO Encounters Video

UFO News Today: All across the world, schools are being targeted by UFOs. More than 100 documented cases are on record. These are typically long lasting, low level, daylight UFO Sighting encounters viewed by large groups of witnesses. Something very profound is happening here. This video is Part O…

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