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Three UFOs with blinking lights appeared over Florida lake

My boyfriend and I were out on a dock at the lake in our community at 9:15pm. We had clear visibility as the moon was almost full, there were street lights near by, and a lit fountain in the center of the lake. We were looking at the stars when one white light appeared in the air next to the fountai…

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Strange UFO Lights Caught on Video Over Brooklyn NY

Sitting on my Brooklyn rooftop, I observed multiple stationary bright white UFO lights well above the NYC skyline on an almost perfectly clear night at 10:52 pm on Thursday September 2nd, 2021. The video I took is slightly obstructed so be aware that the shaky greenish dots are not the UFO, they…

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UFO Sighting 2020 Close Encounter with a UFO Orb

My mother and I were making a cake and were driving into town to get eggs, it's a 15-20 minute drive into town, we were halfway there when we noticed a bright orb of light fall from the sky from 200-300 mph. We thought it was a meteor at first, but soon after, the orb of light instantly hovered and…

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