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Latest UFO Sighting Highly reflective triangular object hovering stationary NS CA 9/12/16

It was about 7:10 pm Atlantic time and I was a passenger in a vehicle driving on the highway (Highway 103 NS) into Upper Tantallon, coming from Halifax, roughly 4 mins before the exit onto Hammond's Plains Rd. The pyramid-shaped UFO was stationary in the sky directly in front of us and a smidge to t…

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Triangle shaped UFO spotted for the second time 6/12/16 Utah

I posted on here before about when my friend and I were at my pool and saw a UFO circle us 3 times, and last night I was with my sister who is a skeptic, it was around 11 pm and we were having a late night swim. She was swimming laps and I was floating on my back looking at the stars, there are a lo…

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