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Tic Tac UFO Caught on Motion Camera

The motion activated security camera mounted on shed activated and sent alert to phone. On inspection there is a tic tac UFO. I have no idea what it is. Click Here to view Tic Tac Caught on Motion Camera   mufon cms# 117137 Brampton Ontario 7/31/21


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Tic Tac Shape UFO Sighting Reported North Dakota

A white Tic Tac shaped UFO Sighting was in the SE corner of North Dakota within a mile of the South Dakota border. it hovered in a stationary position for approximately 20 minutes and extremely slowly moved in a straight line from the SE toward the NW direction. Tic Tac UFO remained high in the …

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Tic Tac UFO Sighting over Radio Tower Utah

Our family was traveling on highway 84 out of Utah towards Idaho. We saw a radio tower on a bare dry hill and above it was a large whitish silver Tic Tac Cigar shaped UFO Sighting. It went straight in a slow manner over the highway and ascended up a little bit and one more ascend and then it was go…

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Tic Tac UFO Sighting Reported Oklahoma City

Silver metallic Tic Tac shaped UFO Sighting flying constant speed just below the clouds no visible windows no wings and no trails in sky. Was partly cloudy n day with some small amounts of sun and I could see the Tic Tac UFO clearly from the point I noticed it until it went into the cloud cover w…

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Two Tic Tac Shaped UFOs Reported Thunder Bay Ontario

I was sitting on my back deck with clear skies. I looked up and saw two Tic Tac shaped UFO, Black in color. the moved very fluidly and just offset from each other. I watched them move fairly quickly across the sky and after about 10 seconds, the one UFO that was a little behind and to the left mov…

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US Government Admits Existence of UFOs

UFO News Today: On April 27 the Department of Defense issued a statement confirming the release of three videos showing US Navy jets chasing "unidentified aerial phenomena" that's the approved military term for what the public calls UFOs. The videos had been in the public domain for some time, but t…

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