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Cigar Shaped Silver UFO Over Lowes Parking Lot Reported

I had just got into my truck in the parking lot of Lowes off Ina Road when I noticed a Long Cigar Shaped, Bright Silver UFO, hovering several thousand feet up in the sky. UFO Sighting was silver like a mirror surface with no sign of wings or a tail structure. I watched it for about a minute then loo…

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Tic Tac UFO Sighting Reported Oklahoma City

Silver metallic Tic Tac shaped UFO Sighting flying constant speed just below the clouds no visible windows no wings and no trails in sky. Was partly cloudy n day with some small amounts of sun and I could see the Tic Tac UFO clearly from the point I noticed it until it went into the cloud cover w…

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Three Silver UFO's circling erratically during daytime

 I had a sighting of 3 UFO’s over highway Rt. 3 North in North Billerica, MA at 10:26 AM on 10/1/20. The sky was crystal clear and not a cloud around, so they were quite obvious. All three of these UFOs were a silver color and reflective. The first one I spotted was traveling north along the tr…

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