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Bronx NY UFO Video Ten Daylight UFOs Different Sizes

15+ UFOs were seen crossing over an area of the Bronx but around 10 UFOs were only captured in the video. I saw one at first then out of no where 3 huge UFOs came out of no where with smaller ones like the first one and the video says it all. mufon cms# 117744 Bronx New York 9/04/21. This region h…

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Multiple UFOs Reported over Ada Oklahoma

At 9:35pm, may 6, 2020, we first observed an armada of flying discs moving from the southwest to the northeast right over the town of Ada, Oklahoma. The UFO Sighting of these UFOs generated no sound and flew in a straight lined pattern. The number of UFOs are unknown but by the time we viewed them, …

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Twenty Five UFOs appeared during Alaska Commercial Flight

In 35000 ft cruise flight approximately 200 miles south and abeam the Kamchatka peninsula traveling east in a commercial aircraft, multiple UFOs began appearing high on the horizon one at a time. The UFO Sightings all appeared from nearly the same position in the sky. They would appear as quickly in…

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Latest UFO Sightings Multiple UFOs over California

Just after midnight on new year's day I went onto my second floor balcony and immediately saw multiple UFO Sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Being  New Years eve there was a lot of visual and audible activity (fireworks, noisemakers, ), but what I saw did not fit anything I could identif…

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