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UFO Sighting encounter with a large triangular craft Louisiana

This UFO Sighting encounter took place from a vehicle stopped at a stop sign on Jean Lafitte pkwy near Chalmette Vista at approximately 9pm CST on the night of July 21st 2021. A large craft that appeared to be of triangular shape flat and long, not pyramid-like with green lights on visible corners. …

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UFO Sighting Video Erratic Flipping Octagon Object

I have been having different UFO Sightings of the same object 4 times, since early June 2021. Each UFO Sighting incident was recorded on video. I was leaving relatives' house in Grayslake Gages Lake Illinois area at 12:12 am and as I was pulling out, saw the familiar brilliant star-like UFO in th…

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UFO Sighting Video over Fresno CA

On 7/18/21, at approximately 2105 hours, I was driving northbound on California highway 41 going approximately 67 miles per hour. I observed two large non blinking white lights like landing lights that appeared to be fixed to the end of what looked like the wings of AC-130 or larger sized plane. At …

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UFO Sighting Reported over Volcano Grants NM

A group of us were staying over night near the Banderas Volcano near the ice caves. We saw what at first glance was a low very bright star. We commented on how weird it looked and then it started to move from side to side in a bouncing pattern. We all said what the hell is that? Then we saw a beam o…

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UFO Sighting Multiple UFOs Interaction with witness

UFO Sighting encounter began at a Pizza Hut in town near the hospital in Rome. I was sitting in my truck looking up in the sky through my sun roof and seen strange lights appear dim to start and brightened as they came by.

Eight UFO lights in the same path trajectory. Then one of the UFOs came …

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UFO Sighting Video Twelve UFOs Travelling in sync

Latest UFO Sighting of over 12 bright spheres moving roughly from the North to south. There was very little wind, no cloud cover, warm and sunny day. They were Moving sporadically left and right, up and down in a almost playful Manner. I could see them for about 15 minutes until loosing view. The mo…

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Strange UFO Sighting Knew I was Watching

I witnessed many strange UFO lights while in kayak one early morning. I went for my phone and they went away. Put my phone away and the UFOs came back. Made a couple calls to people in town but they never seen anything. I tried to record video however the camera only recorded black screen but did c…

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Amazing Group Of UFOs Caught on Video

I took this UFO Sighting video on May 23, 2021 in Taxco Guerrero Mexico around midnight from a well-known hotel next to the magic town of Taxco, watching the song appreciate some lights on the left side of the town which are only perceptible through the night vision of a camera with Saionyx aurora p…

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Cigar Shaped UFO Image San Jose CA 2021

My girlfriend and I were at a family picnic in Alum Rock Park July 20th 2019 and was talking with her cousins, then noticed a blinking light in the sky. I took my phone out and recorded 2 separate clips of it. Then on June 20th 2021, I saw the same blinking light and it shocked me because I know I h…

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UFO appears hovering over freeway El Centro CA

My husband and I were on our way to Texas. Driving through El Centro CA around 11:30pm I spotted what I thought was plane in the distance flying strange it had three lights colors were green and red. I woke my husband up. He saw another what we thought plane this one with bright white lights. It sta…

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Law Enforcement Officer Experiences UFO Sighting Ca

Before I describe this UFO Sighting I will give a bit of a back ground. I work in law enforcement. Our location is next to a military base and airport so I am familiar with all manners of objects in the sky from drones to helicopters and planes. I had driven south to my families house when I notic…

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Detailed Description UFO Sighting Hovering 100ft above ground

It was summer of 1997. I was sleeping on an outdoor trampoline in my backyard with my 2 younger brothers. I awoke from my sleep and my eyes were pointed to the sky directly above me, slightly to the north direction. there was a Large Disk shaped UFO vehicle hovering above me. It was less than 100 …

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Video Clockwise Spinning White Orb with Rainbow Lights

I see these every other night between 10:30pm-11pm along with multiple high altitude Star like Orbs flying in straight lines by themselves in all parts of the sky. Some blink every several seconds like a space flash light where others dip in and out of visibility and none ever make a sound. I had m…

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Cylinder Row of Windows Internal Light reported UFO Sighting

Cylindrical shape UFO Sighting hovered in Northeast sky for 1 minute, then moved slowly eastward for 2.4 minutes before disappearing from view.

May 17, 2021 12:07 am EDT Shortly after midnight, I was leaving my parent’s house to walk home. A pretty crescent moon was reflecting in the lake, so I …

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Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting over Home depot OR.

Saw cigar shaped whitish/blue UFO Sighting with pulsing white and blue lights in sky near home depot in Corvallis, Oregon.

Over the small field next to home depot parking lot in Corvallis, Oregon for about 20-30 seconds my adult daughter and I witnessed a cigar shaped UFO Sighting that was very p…

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UFO Sighting Video Nine Orange UFOs Near Nuclear Plant Florida

Nine Orb like UFOs which arose from the horizon and flew towards the Nuclear Power Plant and then went dark as they approached.   Click Here to view Yankeetown Fl. UFO Sighting Video   mufon cms# 115361 Yankeetown Florida 5/08/21 

Blue Flying Saucer UFO

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Fleet of UFO orbs near Fort Eustis military base

I was on a military base outside with two other officers. I was looking through the sky when I noticed what looked like 3 stars in formation very low moving fast across the sky. As I pointed it out we began to lose sight of them into the clouds. It was then when we noticed many more all following th…

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Armada of Glowing Orb UFOs reported over New Mexico

My boyfriend and I had just finished eating dinner outside, we were sitting in front of a small fire in this little fire pit he had built a few days before. I was leaning back in my chair watching the sky as I often do. It was a clear night, a little bit chilly. I saw what looked like stars, but muc…

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Large UFO Fully Lit Up Traveling Fast Lincoln CA

At approximately 2:30 am I was walking my dog in a westerly direction. I saw the largest UFO I've ever seen in the night sky based upon the outline of the lights. It wasn't a group of lights, but rather appeared as if the entire UFO was illuminated with a lime green glowing light. I am no expert o…

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Huge Triangle UFO Reported over prairie Rhã´ne Louisiana

Thursday, May 6th, 9:40pm driving back home from a grocery run, on Hwy 3043, when, I spotted what I thought was a row of stars, quickly appeared to be a bright center light with equal amount of lights on both sides, I believe, it was (5 or 6 outer lights). UFO Sighting was boomerang shaped and ke…

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