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Dull Grey UFO Sighting Reported Quebec

I have had three UFO Sightings today in a 15 mile area. This specific UFO Sighting was above cloud level approve 5 miles north of the given observer position. I am an ex aircraft technician and understand what strobes look like on all light conditions. This UFO pulsed 1 second on three seconds off…

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UFO News Today Flying Saucer Sighting reported Washington WI

During the week off April 12, 2021- I saw a Disk or Saucer shape UFO Sighting in the North sky. It did have red and blue flashing lights-which drew my attention to it. It seemed to stay still in the air-and was just off the coast north of my direction. Other people who were out-noticed it as well. I…

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UFO Seemed to be Hovering above our street Eyewitness reports

UFO Sighting had blinking lights which showed the silhouette of a Disc like object with a domed top. The lights seemed to be blinking in some sort of specific way. But did not seem to be a pattern on repeat. It hung in the sky as we stopped in the middle of the road to watch this immense object. Eve…

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