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Guelph Canada Ontario Hovering UFO Sighting Reported

Oval shaped object w/ 3 White lights & Red beam on belly. Witnessed by 2. Clear night. Little wind. At approximately 22:30 Hrs EST Myself and my partner witnessed what appeared to be an oval Shaped object in the sky that hung just above the tree line. The UFO Sighting made no noise and seemed to ho…

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Flying Disk Shaped UFO Sighting with red lights over building

Three of my friends and I were sitting outside in a courtyard, surrounded by apartment buildings in College Park, MD. Around 10 pm on August 18, 2020 we all heard a noise that sounded like a low flying plane. When we looked up, there was a Disk-Shaped UFO pretty low to the building that flew overhea…

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Dark Disk UFO Sighting Vermont

Well here it is my crazy little UFO Sighting story. On my way to work one morning 3/23/20 traveling up I-91 and getting off the interstate at exit 14 where it crossed route 113. When I went up the ramp I saw a red light at the top of my windshield so I turned around quickly thinking someone was on t…

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