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UFO UAP Sightings Evolution Fringe to Federal Probe Video

In March 2021, a former director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe offered some hints in a Fox News interview, saying it would describe UFO UAP events from all over the world, and that there are a lot more UFO sightings than have been made public.” As for what constitutes a sighting, Ratcliff…

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UFO Prelude to an official revelation

UFO News Today: Alien contact disclosure attempts The documentary about the extraterrestrial contact of Walt Disney “Walt Disney (1901–1966), the genius behind such endearing films as “Pinocchio” “Dumbo” or “Sleeping Beauty”, could have been chosen by the US government to publicly reveal the existen…

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Government's supposed connection with 'UFO Sightings' for decades

UFO News: Check out this great article in The Drive about all the current events.

“The documents were first discovered by George Knapp's I-Team, part of Las Vegas CBS affiliate Channel 8 News, which has been investigating the government's supposed connection with 'UFO Sightings' for deca…

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