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Circular Black UFO Sighting Captured Photo North Carolina

UFO Sighting appeared bright as if reflecting the sunlight before turning Black. The captured UFO photo shows a Circular Craft with angled wing like protrusions, and lights or propulsion flare along the top edge. It does not appear to look like a conventional airplane. Time on photo one hour behin…

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Latest UFO Sighting Reported Circle Shaped Craft with Lots of windows Brooklyn

UFO Sighting of a Circle Shape Craft with lots of windows and lights floated past my window. Lights ran down the top and bottom from left to right red and blue and yellow but white light lit up like strobes it's made no noise and floated behind the buildings over Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn. I was …

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Circular Shaped UFO Sighting Reported

It was the night of the Pink Super Moon, on the 7th going into 8th April 2020. I had been taking photos of the moon until about midnight.Went to the kitchen sink to get glass of water after putting camera away,it was a very bright night due to the full moon & the garden & sky were well lit. As I sto…

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