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UFO Sighted Dropping Fire Ball Orbs towards ground 9/16/17 Lake Stevens WA.

On Saturday night, Sept 16, 2017, I had stepped out onto my deck to look at the clear night, and was facing North West through the trees. I saw a bright orange star that was different, and I watched it to see if it was an airplane or possibly a satellite. As I watched it I noticed a smaller ball of …

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Latest UFO Sighting Video Reported 9/16/17 Schomberg Ontario CA

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on Saturday September 16, 2017 over Schomberg Ontario CA, I was driving back to the city from a fishing trip with my father when I saw 3 columns containing 2 UFO Sightings each, hovering on the west side of the road, at the corner of high way 27 and high way 9 in Schombe…

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