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Hovering Metallic Rectangular UFO Sighting

I saw the first of two UFO Sightings on June 4th at about 7:30 pm. The first Sighting was on June 4th. after I parked and turned off my car in the Raley's grocery store parking lot off Howe Ave and Fair Oaks Blvd. in Sacramento, I sat for a second listening to the radio. I looked in my driver's side…

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Pulsating Rotating UFO Sighting Reported

I was watching the moon on June 4 at 9:pm, a nearly full moon, and a partly cloudy night. Then I had a UFO Sighting of a pulsating/rotating light showing through a thin patch of clouds. The UFO Sighting remained in place for about 5-10 seconds, then stopped. I watched for a while to see if anything…

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