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Large UFO Fully Lit Up Traveling Fast Lincoln CA

At approximately 2:30 am I was walking my dog in a westerly direction. I saw the largest UFO I've ever seen in the night sky based upon the outline of the lights. It wasn't a group of lights, but rather appeared as if the entire UFO was illuminated with a lime green glowing light. I am no expert o…

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Huge Triangle UFO Reported over prairie Rhã´ne Louisiana

Thursday, May 6th, 9:40pm driving back home from a grocery run, on Hwy 3043, when, I spotted what I thought was a row of stars, quickly appeared to be a bright center light with equal amount of lights on both sides, I believe, it was (5 or 6 outer lights). UFO Sighting was boomerang shaped and ke…

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Multiple UFOs Reported over Ada Oklahoma

At 9:35pm, may 6, 2020, we first observed an armada of flying discs moving from the southwest to the northeast right over the town of Ada, Oklahoma. The UFO Sighting of these UFOs generated no sound and flew in a straight lined pattern. The number of UFOs are unknown but by the time we viewed them, …

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