Strange The Must See Small Humanoid Captured on Camera 1967

Strange The Must See Small Humanoid Captured on Camera 1967. This is the case of a boy named Ronnie Hill, 14yrs old, from Pamlico County, North Carolina. On a clear summer afternoon on July 21, 1967, he was playing in the garden alone while a peculiar scent filled the air.

It became so horrific that it made his eyes begin to tear. Then he suddenly was concerned that this odor somehow had to do with a UFO craft landing in a nearby open field. Questioning, and quite rightly, that nobody would believe him if he told them he’d encountered a flying saucer. He ran indoors to get a portable Kodak camera.

Orginal photo of Small Alien Being wearing silver suite in field photo
Photo of small alien 1967

Returning to the scene, Ronnie saw that the UFO, a round white object that he estimated to be approximately 9 ft in diameter, resting inside the nearby field. What’s more from the back of the craft stepped an Alien being clad in a sparkly silver fitted suit, with spindly, skinny legs and an oversized gnome head.

The being carried a black object that it inserted into the ground. Shortly after it withdrew the instrument, and then returned back to his ship. Afterwhich the craft departed for points unknown. In the ship’s wake, Ronnie smelled something much like propane gas. The Must See Strange Small Humanoid Captured on Camera 1967

Finally what scared him the most was that this whole nightmare scene played out in absolute, dead, total silence. No birds chirping, no insects whirring, nothing was heard. Source: ufonly/ NYUFO Is Seeking The Truth About UFO UAP Alien Disclosure.

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