On The Special New Exclusive Navy 1962 UFO Video

NYUFO: “USS Franklin D. Roosevelt was the second of three Midway-class aircraft carriers and was commissioned on 27 October 1945. Roosevelt spent most of her deployed service operating in the eastern Mediterranean Sea as part of the United States Sixth Fleet. In this short video clip, Rosie veteran and radar operator Harry Jordan tells of a unique UFO encounter. This event took place on the 2nd of October 1962 off the coast of Sardinia in the Mediterranean.”

“Without warning a contact abruptly appeared on his radar scope covering 10 miles. Within just a few seconds as it moved with an estimated speed of 4,000 mph. Seaman First Class Harry Jordan reported that the blip on his radar screen continued to dive close to the ship before it disappeared in a literal flash. The target reappeared moments later, but now larger and closer. It hovered for several moments a few hundred feet from the ship before disappearing again. Jordan made an entry in his log at 2:36 AM as a UFO incident.”

Black and White Photo USS Franklin D Roosevelt

“Seconds later his commanding officer burst in asking what he had put in his log. This was in 1962 well before the Condon Report of 1968/69. Shortly after he was directed by his superiors to remove any reference to a UFO from the log. In the video he opines that this was a historical event for the United States Navy and it was left out of the logs. Additional Franklin D. Roosevelt testimony regarding earlier events is included.”

“One came from Chester Grusinski of Clinton Twp., Michigan who stated: “In the year 1958, we were on a shakedown cruise when there was a small light that was following our ship. Then the light came right at us; it came in close enough to us so you could see the shape of the object and also see that there were figures inside of it. The impression that I got was that those figures were not human beings.”

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