UFO Case Special Look On The Bizarre Exeter Encounter

ON THIS DAY IN September 3, 1965. 11:00 p.m. Brazoria County Sheriff’s Deputies Billy E. McCoy and Robert Goode are watching Highway 36 between West Columbia and Damon, Texas. They see a dull dim three-sided object, 150-200 feet in length and 40-50 feet thick at the center, with a long, brilliant, beating, purple light on the right side and a long blue light on the left side.

Furthermore, the blue light approaches 150 feet from the expressway and 100 feet in the air. A purple light enlightens the ground underneath the UFO and the inside of the squad car. The UFO creates a shaded area in the twilight. Goode feels heat to his left side arm; a croc nibble to his left side pointer finger is unexpected and feels better. The wound heals quickly however unnaturally. They drive away in dread however return sometime thereafter to find the craft still there. Credit Rick Hilberg Center For UFO Studies

Exeter UFO incident The Interrupted Journey Book Cover

The Exeter incident or Incident at Exeter was a highly publicized UFO sighting that occurred on September 3, 1965, approximately 5 miles (8 km) south of Exeter, New Hampshire, in the neighboring town of Kensington.

Although several separate UFO sightings had been made in the area by numerous witnesses in the weeks leading up to the specific incident. It was the September 3 sighting which eventually became by far the most famous, involving a local teenager and two police officers. The November/December 2011 edition of Skeptical Inquirer offers an explanation of the incident, based on details reported by the eyewitnesses.

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