New Research On The Startling Alien Human Condition

Research suggests about 89 percent of terrestrial humans are a mixture of ET and human DNA. Secrecy is created by covert governments working in conjunction with the alien reptoids, who control the Earth and its resources. Equally important there are good and bad, positive as well as negative, in all species, including reptoids, Grays, and humans. What’s more Earth is a laboratory, used as a test tube for different species. Aliens that create different life forms, and therefore a scientist doesn’t tell his test subjects because it might hinder the outcome of an experiment.

Centaur, Mythical creature black and white image

The coverts are in control. The African or Negroid peoples originated from Sirius B and the Orion Nebula. Africans were created on Earth by these species from those sectors. Furthermore the Nibiruan Councils, who were of the dark humanoid and reptilian hybrid mixes, as a test species when Earth was a laboratory. Earth was a testing ground.

The ET scientists involved monitored and didn’t intervene in any of the different species’ development. Because they wanted to see what the outcome would be and not influence or interfere with their test species. Religion was brought to Earth by Pleiadians and other species. Jesus was a hybrid of a human and Pleiadian mix. All universes stretch out forever and have no end.

Research uncovers A UFO Over Jesus Head in painting

All universes were created by dark energy matter and a spark of light that gave rise to all life and all consciousness to its being. The essence you call God is a collective of scientists from many species and planets who were the geneticists of diversity who did biogenetics to create lifeforms on laboratory worlds such as Earth. Earth is a test tube planet.

In addition there are good and bad in all species, although Reptoids are the more aggressive species. This race have tinkered with and messed up humans’ DNA. Furthering to make humans more war-like and uncaring toward their fellow man, as well as creating hybrids of these to create a hostile being that will be a warrior and to continue the rulership for their Reptoid covert government operatives once they have left Earth.

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