UFO Video Muhammand Ali On The Rare Interview

New York UFO News: On 7 September 1973 Muhammad Ali showed up on NBC’s Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The assumption was that he would advance his rematch with the new Heavyweight Champion Ken Norton. In addition who had crushed him in a split choice on 31 March in San Diego.

All things considered, Ali moved the conversation to present the subject of UFOs. To his mistake at the time UFOs were not a popular subject . Carson had not been informed on the subject and was referring to disinformation on deorbiting space satellite junk. Disinformation on the subject was in high gear by the Government/Military/Media.

During the 1970’s Ali couldn’t take out a tablet PC and show the encounters of US Navy pilot Commander Graham Bethune over the North Atlantic.

Ali also could not produce the testimony of Airman First Class Mike O’Conner or Staff Sgt Bill Smith or the B-52 group Captain Brad Runyon. In addition to Captain Patrick McCaslin who had seen the 24 October 1968 sightings at Minot Air Force Base.

He didn’t have the advantage of the National Press Club Contributions of Dr. Stephen Greer in 2001 or Robert Hastings in 2010. Air Force Captain Bob Jacobs viewing US military film of a saucer radiating the warhead of an Atlas rocket at Vandenburg Air Force Base.

Muhammad Ali didn’t have the advantage of Fox News’s Tucker Carlson admitting his mistake in deriding UFO reports.

Muhammad Ali On The Johnny Carlson Tonight Show Talking About His UFO Sighting

Finally in Carson’s disparagement he switch up the conversation back to the battle with Ken Norton. Lastly which he won in a split choice on 10 September 1973. Equally important during the year of 1977 there was a UFO case involving Manoel do Espirito Santo, 20 years old of Brazil. Manoel said he observed two individuals within the interior of this UFO. He described the occupants as to be human, one man and a girl. Furthermore the “man” was positioned on the left side and the girl on the right side of the “UFO”.

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