Project IBIS New Research On The Alien Connection

Project IBIS: For Your Eyes Only: The reason why there is so little hard-core information available to abductees is that abductees pose a latent threat to the Reptilian Overlords. These overlords of this world and to their apparent human vassals within the New World Order attempt to control humans.

We humans are the ones with paraphysical and supernatural abilities. They specialize in manipulating one’s dreamscape with erotic imagery. Which are specifically designed to promote certain behaviors and alternative lifestyles within a given abductee population.

We know of no one else besides our team who is even aware of this very basic and pervasive reptilian programming agenda. The definition of the word “Lifespan” as we understand the term does not apply to these reptilians who live in their own vibrational density long enough to manipulate countless generations of a given genetic/soul matrix population in our dimension.

Project IBIS a depiction of a Reptillan alien bust
Project IBIS Reptilian

Furthermore the reptilians are master geneticists who have created subservient races of non-human beings to act as Specialists tasked with furthering certain agendas directly impacting the human race including but not limited to genetic and soul matrix manipulation of the abductee population.

In addition through the latter program that Hosts are created through apparently normal human childbirth. Equally important these reptilian hosts are geared to sow confusion, discordance, and disinformation amongst the abductee population.

Dr. Richard Boylan amongst others is a Host for a reptilian entity. Make no mistake about it. I have lost count of the number of websites placed on the internet by reptilian hosts. There is a new one that was put in place quite recently.

What’s more the reptilians are masters of frequency and resonance and can shapeshift at will. They have often appeared to abductees as “Nordics” “Blondes” or “Spirit Guides” and have conveyed to them much neutralist-positivist information. Continue Reading The PROJECT IBIS Document Here

NYUFO is Seeking UFO UAP Alien Disclosure. We Seek Public Disclosure of Alleged Government Military Classified Information. All in regards to the existence of several different UFO Alien races interacting with Humans, Animals, and Flora of Planet Earth. Furthermore, the Military admits to being less than forthcoming in this disclosure of what they know. Citizens and Senators of the U.S. say the government should take this issue more seriously we agree.

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