NYUFO Was Established In 1995. Exclusive News & Video Commentary

NYUFO has been established since 1995. Our Mission is to publicly research the UFO UAP Enigma to better understand this phenomenon.

Mission Statement

There are many intentional UFO UAP Sightings forgeries. Other physical evidence such as falling debris from the sky or crashed UFOs has turned out also to be terrestrial in nature and forgeries. From mistaken terrestrial phenomena to personal gain to misleading the facts of UFO Sightings. Furthermore the Unidentified Flying Object phenomena has been denied and not taken seriously by the majority of the general public and the mainstream media.

There are many cases where citizens without seeking publicity or personal gain have had sightings of bizarre aerial lights. UFOs displaying non-conventional maneuvers all of which citizens have come forward and reported their experience.

Once a person has had an encounter with something beyond everyday reality the experience is truly an awe-inspiring experience. To further enhance an encounter our mind tries to discern between terrestrial or extraterrestrial in nature to distinguish between science fiction from modern technology.

When failing to recognize and analyze such an enigma we seek and search for answers. Lastly Approaching this subject one must look beyond the dogma belief views and consensus reality. Facing this enigma freshly with personal objectiveness flavored with some skepticism. Always trying to create a balance between UFO facts and truth. In which we may hope to bring this enigma to the forefront of Public Awareness. NYUFO World News website


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