Now On The Surge Of Mind Games UFOs Play With Us Watch Video

UFO News Today: Over 12,000 UFO cases are on file that occurred in Italy during the 20th century. Apart from conventional UFO sightings and close encounters of the first kind, at least 1,000 close encounters of the second and third kind. This data shows the constant, intelligent and alien nature of the UFO phenomena that has occurred in Italy. The following UFO Report is just one of them cases.

The UFO played games with us for about one hour. We said hello and goodbye people were screaming and shouting. The UFO light moved faster in the sky than slower. We all began to discern what we were seeing. Someone said it was a satellite, another said it was a candle tree and we started to laugh. It’s not a satellite and it was amazing that was the first time that I saw this interaction between humans and I can say I think they were spacecraft.

UFO Close Encounters Of The Italian Kind.

I was just like a child who is on a roller coaster or something so fun it was just like finding something that I was looking for all my life. These UFO encounters completely changed my life. For now, I know that they are here they’re here and I just enjoyed the show. When you have experienced something like that you just say wow you can’t do anything else but watch and feel an interaction with this beautiful experience happening. A few months later I gathered here at my home with a group of friends. During that night I started to see this UFO.

What happened next these UFOs began flashing to me in the same way as earlier before. It became very strange because I thought it wasn’t true and I said maybe you’re going crazy. And maybe it’s just my imagination you just want to have the same experience you have had on the pyramid. Furthermore, my mind was wondering why it happens so many times when looking at the sky or a mountain or something and suddenly you see a flash of light in disguise.

UFO Flying Saucer hovering at night in forest

What’s more, it doesn’t happen just one time but many times these flashing lights are seen in natural environments. Still, they are so big in the sky and look like arrows in the sky they are not human. In addition that night I was with a group of people I saw these flashing lights. And I said did anybody see anything? My friend said I saw a flashing light in the sky and I said were? He said over there I said okay. So here we go I had some people and some friends at my house we were doing a meditation circle. UFOs Behave In Bazarre Ways Phenomena Exposed

Altogether we were in this circle and my daughter was with me on my knees and suddenly a very big globe of light appeared in the sky. This globe of light was yellow and orange. Although when I saw it I said to myself it was too big to be a helicopter or a satellite. Then I didn’t say anything and this globe started to become bigger and then smaller. It appeared just like a heart beating pulsating I said to my daughter do you see that and he said yes Mommy.

Then I said what do you see and she said I see a globe of light and it became smaller and bigger I said okay we are seeing the same thing. The light then started to play it started to disappear suddenly it dislocated it went to another place and then it appeared again. I said okay maybe it’s not a common experience and it’s certainly likes to play with me and with my daughter. Finally, the Light dislocated and became more bright and then it disappeared only to reappear again in another place.

A friend of mine asked me something and I had to turn my head to talk to her and suddenly this Light Globe UFO appeared everywhere I looked in the sky. In addition, there was a sort of communication between the Light UFO and me. When I said okay stay in place in the sky the light stayed there. Lastly, the UFO started doing the same game as before. The UFO light became smaller and then bigger the UFO was breathing with me.

Then the UFO stayed there in place and during the evening for about an hour and a half. My friends had to go home I accompanied them to their cars as we started to walk the globe of light began to follow me. Follow This Link To View Part 2 Of Emontional Encounters with Extratrestrials Italy Expedition 2022.

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