New Video On The Virtual Reality Of Alien UFO Abduction

Alien UFO abduction additionally referred to as “abduction phenomenon, Alien Abduction Syndrome, or UFO Abduction”. And refers to humans reporting the experience of being abducted and subjected to bodily and psychological experimentation by way of an alien-looking being.

Humans claiming to have been kidnapped by UFO Alien beings are usually referred to as “abductees” or “experiencers”. Majority of scientists and health professionals explain these experiences which include Suggestibility, Fake Memory Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis, Deception, and Psychopathology.

Skeptic Robert Sheaffer sees a similarity between a number of the Aliens defined by means of abductees and people depicted in technological know-how fiction movies, specially invaders from Mars 1953.

The popular claims that are involved in an abduction are forced clinical examinations that emphasize the reproductive systems. Abductees occasionally claim to have been warned in opposition to environmental abuses and the risks of nuclear weapons or to have engaged in interspecies breeding.

The contents of the abduction narrative often seem to differ from the culture of the alleged abductee. Furthermore, the UFO Alien abduction, and mind control alleged experiences can also be part of radical political apocalyptic and millenarian narratives.

Reports of these Alien abduction cases are global but are very common within English-speaking locations, in particular the United States. The first alleged alien abduction claim to be widely publicized is the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case in 1961.

Black and White Photo of Barney and Betty Hill

Ufo abduction claims have declined since their preliminary surge beginning in the mid-seventies. And Alien abduction narratives have declined and found much less recognition in mainstream media.

Skeptic Michael Shermer proposed that the ubiquity of smartphones increases the burden of proof for such claims, and can be a reason for their decline. Although Alien UFO craft abduction cases range in the thousands or within several millions consistent with some researchers.

There’s nearly a whole loss of cases observed by outdoor witnesses. Ufos are almost never witnessed during the act of abducting someone. How is this possible? How can a lot of abductions go absolutely unseen? This shortage of outdoor witnesses has caused some researchers to speculate that abductions can be mental or out-of-body experiences beyond physical reality.

But a majority of UFO investigators are keenly aware of why there are so few witnesses. The primary motives appear to be that outdoor observers are put in a trance, made to overlook, or are diverted to other locations. Furthermore, the mysterious absence of outdoor witnesses is seemingly no coincidence.

However, no one’s perfect even the alien abductors. Virtually there ought to be some instances wherein anyone saw an abduction taking place. Well, there are a few instances where such a UFO abduction has been witnessed. As rare as these events are there is data that supports these occurrences. Caught in the Act! Cases of Observed UFO Abductions Video: Preston Dennett

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