The Exposed New Unusual UFO Attraction To Children

New York UFO News: “Did you know that children comprise a significant number of UFO witnesses? There are many reasons for this. One is that children are usually outside more than adults. Also, children are more likely to report their encounters than are adults. A third reason is that contact often begins early in childhood. As evidenced by the many cases of schoolyard Unidentified Flying Objects encounters, ETs like to show themselves to children. Unfortunately, children are often disbelieved or not taken seriously.

Therefore, it’s likely that the actual numbers of kids encounter UFOs is higher than most people think. In one of these cases children from Lemon Grass Ca. they came upon a odd craft landed in a field. The craft they witnessed was metallic, saucer-shaped with a dome on top and covered with colored lights. Wondering what it might be, they walked right up to it and knocked on the side with their flashlight. The object immediately lit up and began to rotate and rise upward.

Two Young Girls Watching a Disk Shape UFO Land in field

Here we present three incredible cases of children having had Unidentified Flying Objects encounters. And all these cases involves multiple witnesses and various forms of evidence such as electromagnetic effects, animal reactions, physiological effects and landing traces. Under the J. Allen Hynek system, these would be classified as Close Encounters of the Second and Third Kind.

Furthermore these are not simple sightings, but very close encounters in which the environment is affected in some way, and/or involve humanoids.” What’s more the three California cases show that a close encounter with an extraterrestrial can happen without warning, when you least expect it. Finally if you would like to learn more about these cases and others, read Preston Dennett book, “UFOs over California.” Continue To View The Unusual UFO Attraction To Children Video Here

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