The New UFO Declassified Files Military Interest In Aliens

“Five years after the closing of Project Blue Book, U.S. intelligence was still paying attention to “UAP” unidentified aerial phenomena. Declassified files from 1974 show something even stranger monitoring of a Close Encounter of the Third Kind, a case involving 6 1/2 foot tall occupants from a disc-shaped craft.

Black and White original Photo of a Top Hat shaped UFO 1965

The UFO Alien case occurred in Western Spain, in the province of Salamanca. A Defense Intelligence Agency analyst compiled an account of this and other strange sightings from that year, and sent them to European Command and other “parties interested.” The witness, Maxi Iglesias, claims U.S. officials visited the site to analyze trace evidence left behind, telling him they were from “NASA.” For years, this was laughed off, but we now know officials really were monitoring the case”. Follow this link to further investigate personal UFO Sighting Reported Cases.

An Article named CIA Stonewalling on UFO Alien. The Government and UFOs.

“Perhaps most disturbing is the very
fact that after thirty-two years, a small
but significant percentage of UFOs
still remains unidentified. While the
government has been concerned with
the psychological danger the UFO
phenomenon poses, it has been unwilling to consider the prospect that
some UFOs pose an actual physical

Fearful of generating undue
concern, the government has
deliberately chosen to debunk UFO
reports and has misinformed the
public as to the true importance of the

Unconventional aerial objects that
boast unlimited and unrestricted
access to our most sensitive nuclear
installations-and which can render
inoperable the instrumentation, communication/weapon systems of
American-made jets, or which can
shut down and restart at will
sophisticated hydraulic equipment does warrant further scientific study.
Awareness of an advanced technology
and potential threat is not an
1 unreasonable pursuit. As the National
l Security Agency indicates, it could be
a matter of survival.”

The Truth About Aliens

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