The New UAP Investigation Creates High Anxiety

So how would we fix the underlying issues behind how the Pentagon’s administration’s approach to UAP sightings? To begin with, the Pentagon should deliver all records regarding this matter. And no classified versus unclassified briefings, and no more fake reports loaded with futile data.

Unadulterated straightforwardness. The informed General public can deal with it. Then, we want to acquire individuals from our military who have had detailed experiences with UAPs. In addition, affirm their encounters before Congress in an unclassified hearing so the general population can hear what they need to say.

Naval Director Scott Bray points to screen showing unknown aerial phenomena

Next, we need to eliminate the backlash that accompanies announcing UAP sightings in our military. Administration individuals who report UAP sightings are loyalists who are going about their responsibilities as well as could be expected. Yet a large number of them have not been treated in that capacity. UAP news comes in the midst of a flood of institutional interest in UFOs.

Last month, NASA said it would support a UFO pilot study, months after Congress requested the Pentagon to create a UAP office and produce yearly reports. In the interim, Avi Loeb, a very much respected Harvard University astrophysicist, has raised great amount of money for the Galileo Project, which will examine the skies for UFOs. (Loeb has drawn analysis for his readiness to work with fanatical UFO devotees.) Last month, both Loeb and Travis Taylor showed up together at a “UFO Disclosure conference” in Utah, where they surveyed and examined different UAP recordings. Skyrocket Surge of New UAP News

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