UFO Vehicles A New Strange Exposed Space Recordings

UFO (3 of 4) VERSION 1 The 3rd of 4x UFOs recorded on this evening(30/08/2022) This the 1st part of this UFO that I videoed as it transit across our NorthShore sky . Part 2 will be coming soon. LOCATION: North Shore, NEW ZEALAND RECORDED: 30 AUG 2022, 7:21 PM (1931 hours) FLIGHT PATH: North to East P.S.

These objects are currently roaming randomly in abundance high up above earth’s orbiting levels. You can see them too from your locations during clear nights. Now there are close to 1000 videos recorded of them to date. Furthermore the naked eye will see them as white ‘orbs’ animated stars moving briskly, sometimes erratically in the dark clear skies. Man-made satellites are located between 160km – 2000 km and normally they are generally the size of a bus. Commercial aircraft are generally found from 0.1km – 8 km height. New York UFO News that matters

Pointing to the evening sky seeing a UFO

On June 9, 2022, NASA reported the organization is charging a review group to look at unidentified flying phenomena. That is, perceptions of encounters overhead that can’t be recognized either as an airplane or known objects. The review will zero in on distinguishing accessible information, how best to gather future information, and how NASA can utilize that information to push the logical comprehension of UAPs ahead. This site page is planned as an asset to give refreshes on the UAP Independent Study.

UFOs Behave in Bizarre Ways The Startling Phenomena Exposed UFOs behave in bizarre ways. True Cases of UFO Automobile Encounters instances like these are really not anything new in fact, they go back a long time. Although researchers haven’t begun to understand precisely why they behave in this bizarre way. Imagine you’re traveling on a highway at night time whilst you see a bright glowing thing in front of you above the road. As you come closer you can see that it’s a saucer-type craft, an alien ship! All of sudden, the flying saucers swoop down in the direction of your vehicle and begin following you down the highway.

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