New research Into The 1940 Alien Encounter

Location. Padasjoki, Kellosalmi, Finland
Date: August 1940 Time: night

A nine-year-old girl was napping in a summer room together with her friend while sleeping she awakened because of a loud thundering sound. She alerted her friend and they both looked out the window. They noticed strange lighting-like lights, arising from the floor upwards at the back of a small hill.

Quickly after they heard heavy footsteps and saw a humanoid on foot thru the berry grove toward the shore. The humanoid went past their room at a distance of at most 5-10 meters and the girls should see it perfectly. And the humanoid “alien” was dressed in a sparkly outfit, which resembled a diver’s suit that also covered its head, feet, and arms. A glass panel reminiscent of that of a welder’s mask reputedly protected the face, which couldn’t be seen.

The outfit this humanoid “alien” was wearing was so vivid that it hurt the girl’s eyes. The humanoid went speedily closer to the marina located on the shore. After which it stepped into the water, and walked over the water for a distance of fifty-70 meters. And then to the other side of the shore without making any visible effect on the surface of the water. As soon as on the opposite side of the shore, it climbed the roof of a summer cottage, after which it to the top of the chimney.

Finally there it stood for some time after which appear to fall apart into numerous small translucent particles. The lighting had also ceased and now the moon could only be seen. Source: Heikki Virtanen, Finland./ Albert S Rosales Podcast Link

Albert S Rosales Photo

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