Navy USS Trepang Research On The Strange UFO Photos

USS Trepang Navy UFO Photos. During March 1971 the biggest Naval Fleet and the most powerful flotilla of its time cruised the north sea, And during this week after taking part for twelve days in the NATO exercise Operation Mainbrace was coming to an end. The first of its kind the New Atlantic Command of NATO Naval Exercise. USS Trepang ssn-674, a sturgeon assault submarine, was the second naval ship to the U.S. Navy to be named for the trepang, Holothuroidea. Named after a marine animal with an extended, hard, muscular frame. USS Trepang ssn-674 was named the Mighty War Pickle.

Navy Attack Submarine USS Trepang 1971

The USS Trepang was an attack submarine as a part of the United States Cold War fleet. Trepang also used to spy on Soviet Russian Naval activity within the Arctic Ocean. In March 1971 Trepang was only days away from completing its first venture in the arctic ocean maneuvering around Norway and Iceland. Getting ready to surface she raised her periscope to survey the surface. The Captain noticed something that he did not expect to see.

And then he observed what was regarded to be 3 UFOs hovering between one hundred and two hundred feet above the ocean surface. These UFOs were ignorant of the presence of the submarine. Equally important the Captain referred to that one of the objects a cylindrical-formed craft. Lastly it was regarded to be in distress, with smoke and what seemed to be flames coming from its center.

Large cigar shaped UFO photographed over ocean by the USS Trepang march 1971

USS Trepang encountered large cigar shape UFO hoving over ocean

And then the Trepang began performing a sonar sweep of the location but registered nothing. The captain allegedly recorded the UFOs with the periscope recording system. Next the film was turned over to the United States Navy for evaluation. Their release became by way of a twist of fate of the general public records act in the 1990s.

In addition the Unidentified flying object fans have gone wild over these photographs of large, triangular spacecraft and floating cigar-formed crafts over the Arctic. Allegedly taken in 1971 the pics, match many current theories about extraterrestrial beings having a base within the Arctic. All photo’s have been supposedly taken by way of sailors aboard the USS Trepang ssn 674 submarine and has remained a mystery until now. This UFO suddenly dipped and commenced to fall into the sea. The alternative 2 crafts quickly dived into the water also.

And further the original stills of the film were without a doubt marked mystery and not for publication. While questioned, the Navy stated that the filmed photos were a hoax and they had no reports concerning Trepang having such a UFO incident. It’s recognized and documented that Trepang was patrolling in that location that day and time in March 1971.

Saucer shaped UFO diving into the Artic ocean photo taken by USS Trepang 1971

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