NASA Holds A New Public Review On The UAP UFO

On June 9,2022 after a couple of hours of notification, NASA held a public interview. The subject was to report a review study it was dispatching on UAPs. This abbreviation “UAP” is a rebranding of what is the more prominently known phenomena as unidentified flying objects or UFOs. A subject typically connected with implied extraterrestrial appearances and government paranoia notions.

And then the inquiry into the public’s interest prompted one of the United States’ chief logical organizations to be involved NASA. In addition the subject always thought to be engaging in something frequently viewed as at the farthest edges of reality. Equally important is a Branch of Defense’s recent examinations concerning the subject. What’s more the arrival of the individual records and videos from U.S. military pilots professing to show experiences with bizarre objects in the skies.

UFO Mothership appears over ocean. Photo taken by the USS  Trepan submarine 1971

And equally prompted a High-profile inclusion in the traditional press to open legislative hearings about UAPs have kept the matter coursing in the public domain. Source: NASA Seeks UFO Science New York UFO Is seeking The Truth About The UFO Phenomena. Encouraging the public to submit there Unidentified Flying Object sightings here at NYUFO. We believe that by reviewing sightings reports we can try to better understand this phenomena. Click Here to submit your sighting report Thank You

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