Must See Small Humanoid Captured on Camera 1967

Small Humanoid Captured on Camera, -1967
Sighting Location – Pamlico County, North Carolina
Date – 21st July 1967

UFO News: Ronnie Hill a 14-year old boy was playing in the garden when he noticed a strange odor in the air. His eyes began to tear. Next he then saw a spherical object about 3 meters in diameter descending from the sky and landing on a field nearby. Thinking that nobody would believe him, he ran inside his home and obtained a small Kodak camera.

Once outside he saw a small figure emerging from behind the object.
The figure was about 1.25 meters in height. Furthermore it wore a tight-fitting silvery suit and it carried a black object in its hand, which the figure inserted into the ground, he then returned to the object, which took off into the sky at high speed.

What’s more an odor was described as resembling propane gas. Hill also noticed a total lack of sound during the encounter. A controversial photograph of the humanoid was reportedly taken.
Source – Ufologist, John Keel.
His notes about the case…/uploads/1967JUL21RonnieHill.pdf.
Jason gleaves, Ufonly.

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