Strange Flying Machines More On Pilots Observations Of 1947

The Strange Flying Machines Of 1947. Around 12:15 pm July 15, 1947, Col. Frank A. Flynn is flying a Vultee bt-13 Valiant over Harmony, California. This is when a group of 12–15 objects maneuvered passed him. In the beginning, he takes them for birds, however, he can see no necks or wings and they’re moving 200 mph. They are transversing in an up-and-down motion at 3 different altitudes at about 200 feet apart. And their size appears to be about 15 Ft. white at the top and gray and black at the bottom.

At their closest point, they are about one mile away. Flynn then turns his plane around to pursue them, however, they out distance him quickly.

U.S. AAF Vultee bt-13 aircraft
U.S. AAF Vultee bt-13

The background to Col. Frank Flynn’s 35yr aviation career. Frank began his career in 1916 when he served with the Navy Signal Corps and the Royal Air Force during WW-1. He Flew fight missions in France, England, and Russia. He was wounded in northern Russia.

Command pilot who reached the rank of colonel before retiring, he participated in the eras of flight from Box-kite and Pusher-kind of planes thru jets. He flew side by side with such figures as Eddie Rickenbacker, “Hap” Arnold, Carles Lndbergh, and Jimmy Doolittle. In WW1, he served as a commanding officer or in different administrative positions at numerous air force bases, such as Tonopah, Nev; Fresno, Bishop, Calif, also McChord, Wash.

Mr. Flynn becomes an organizer and the first supervisor of san francisco airport. He was additionally an organizer of Pacific Air Transport, forerunner of United Airways. Credit Jeff Knox F.B
Equally important to mention that Col. Frank Flynn UFO Sighting also occurred during the time line of Kennth Arnolds famous UFO encounters June 24th 1947 Washington State.

Arnolds UFO Sightings were a series of objects with convex shapes, though he later revealed that one object differed by being crescent-shaped. Arnold would state he likened their movement to saucers skipping on water. Without comparing their actual shapes to saucers, but initial quotes from him do indeed have him comparing the shape to a “saucer”, “disc”, “pie pan”, or “half moon”, or generally convex and thin. Early 1947 UFO incidents New Insights On The Unknowns.

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