Soaring Reports Of UFOs Seen Now Across The U.S.

A UFO Sighting of two UFOs were seen within half an hour of each other, the second flying low over the witness, followed 15 minutes later by the sighting of an unusual jet. In Cameron Park, California, the CE5 event was held just 10 miles from where these UFO sightings were. A low, diamond-shaped UFO was seen pulsating with a strong light in the night sky.

A UFO was appearing and disappearing out of nowhere in the sky in an exciting scene. But after investigating the footage, it was found that it was an unknown flying object UFO in the sky, flying steadily and silently. There were flashes of extremely powerful light that exceeded his size several times, and the light appeared in the sky in the shape of a diamond.

UFO Sighting three lights appear in night sky depiction

You will also see in the report two mysterious diamond-shaped UFOs. Both craft had 5 glowing UFOs were seen, disappeared and reappeared in Toms River, New Jersey. Another strange UFO is hiding in a strange case at Fontenay le comte 85, France. You won’t believe a UFO with lights in its middle in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. UFOs Over Airports Video The Alarming High Rate Of Sightings

And the appearance of these mysterious UFOs in the fifties and seventies of the last century. In addition they even appeared in the Apollo flights to the moon. They all prove beyond any doubt that the source of these UFOs is outer space. Furthermore they came in the precise directions of a highly intelligent and highly advanced space race. We must accept the idea that we are not alone. The universe is vast and that it is possible that Earth is not the only place that contains intelligent life. More New Excellent Reports Of UFOs By Trained Airline Pilots

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