Explore The Amazing Mysterious World of Three Dimensional Living Bugs

UFO News: A must-see video. Explore The Amazing Mysterious World of Four Dimensions Living Beings possessing humans. Here is a new presentation by Barbara Wojtkowska. And a Remarkable presentation giving us a broad detailed conversation involving what are known as dimensional bugs.

A bizarre noteworthy important revelation concerning the manifestation and attachment of these 4D beings to people’s upper heads. What’s more Scuttlers as they are called are crab-like bugs which have been found in electrical power grids, transmission transmitters even your electrical outlets in your home and PCs, some on a large scale.

Furthermore she shows what these creatures look like in her drawings. And a 4D being would be a god to us. Next it would see everything in our world. In addition it could even look inside your stomach and remove your breakfast without cutting through your skin. And just like you could remove a dot inside a circle by moving it up into the third dimension, perpendicular to the circle, without breaking the circle. Now Follow Link To  A Close Look Into The Mysterious 4D Beings and Human Attachment

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